Best basketball shoes for wide feet

Score Big With The Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet? Then you have come to the right place! This article will provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose your needs best. Basketball is a sport that can be played in any weather condition. A good pair of basketball shoes is essential to playing the sport effectively. 

Many basketball shoes are available on the market, but which are best for wide feet? This article will show the top-rated and the best basketball shoes for wide feet. If you have wide feet, you will want to consider purchasing basketball shoes designed for those feet. The right pair of shoes for wide feet should fit your style and needs, and many options are available.

The 7 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

When choosing the best basketball shoes for wide feet, there are a few key things to consider. First and foremost, width is an essential factor in shoes. So, if you have wide feet, find shoes that fit well and provide support. 

Additionally, do your research and find products made specifically for wide feet. This way, you can rest assured that your shoes will be of good quality and offer the support you need while playing sports.

1- New Balance MX608 V5 Sneaker

best basketball shoes for wide feet 01

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet? Look at the New Balance MX608v5 sneakerThis fantastic shoe offers top-notch support and comfort for all workouts, making it perfect for those with wide feet.

The New Balance MX608v5 is a men’s training shoe with leather and breathable mesh on the upper part. This shoe design helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable during intense games or workouts. 

One of the best features of this shoe is its dual-density collar. This collar has two types of foam: a softer one for cushioning your foot and a firmer one for extra support. This design ensures your feet are well-supported during basketball games or training sessions.

The padded mesh tongue of the MX608v5 sneaker also helps with breathability, keeping your feet fresh and dry. The lace-up closure and gilly and hidden eyelets ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Putting on and removing the shoe is a breeze, thanks to the pull tab at the heel. This sneaker also features a breathable textile Phantom Lining, which is odor-resistant. It is perfect for long training sessions or basketball games.

For added durability and support, the shoe comes with an internal shank. The ABZORB heel panel uses specialized rubber content to provide excellent support while reducing compression during hard heel strikes. This ensures your feet are protected and comfortable during every jump and landing.

The PU Foam insert in the MX608v5 sneaker offers long-lasting comfort and support, perfect for those with wide feet. The non-marking rubber outsole ensures you can play on any surface without leaving any marks behind.

These sneakers are the best basketball shoes for wide feet. With its support, comfort, and breathability, you can focus on your game without worrying about your feet. So, why wait? Get your New Balance MX608v5 sneakers today and elevate your basketball experience!


  • Wide fit perfect for those with wide feet.
  • Dual-density collar for cushioning and support.
  • Padded mesh tongue for added breathability.
  • Secure lace-up closure with gilly and hidden eyelets.
  • Easy on/off with a pull tab at the heel.
  • Odor-resistant Phantom Lining for freshness.
  • Internal shank for added durability and support.
  • ABZORB heel panel for shock absorption during hard heel strikes.


  • It may not be better for narrow feet.

2- ECCO MX Low Gore-Tex Sports Shoes ( Best wide feet basketball shoes )

best basketball shoes for wide feet 02

Are you looking for basketball shoes that are both comfortable and durable? Look at the ECCO Sports MX Low GORE-TEX Shoes! These shoes are perfect for those with wide feet and are built to withstand the elements. 

With a lace-up vamp and a removable insole, these shoes provide a snug fit that is easy to adjust. The round toe and stretchy sock-like construction ensure your feet stay comfortable throughout the game. 

But the natural standout feature of these shoes is their anatomical last, which uses ECCO FLUIDFORM to follow the natural shape of your feet. This technology enhances stability, making it easier for you to move around the court confidently. 

The robust PU outsole is motocross-inspired and offers excellent traction and support. And with an additional TPU insert for stability, you can be sure that these shoes will stay securely on your feet during even the most intense games. 

The ECCO Sports MX Low also features GORE-TEX Technology, making it 100% waterproof and breathable. These shoes are built to last with a textile upper, lining, and insole, as well as a synthetic outsole. 

So if you are looking for a pair of basketball shoes that are both comfortable and durable, the ECCO Sports MX Low GORE-TEX is worth considering. Order yours today, and get ready to dominate on the court!


  • These shoes are designed for wide feet.
  • GORE-TEX Technology makes the shoes 100% waterproof and breathable.
  • Anatomical last provides enhanced stability.
  • The robust PU outsole offers excellent traction and support.
  • Stretchy, sock-like construction provides a comfortable and snug fit.


  • Synthetic outsole may not be as durable as other materials.

3- PUMA Triple Basketball Shoes For Men

best basketball shoes for wide feet 03

Do you have wide feet and love playing basketball? If so, the PUMA Triple basketball shoes might be perfect for you! These shoes are designed to give you the support and comfort you need on the court. I will explore why the PUMA Triple could be the best choice for players with wide feet.

First, let’s talk about the materials used in these shoes. The PUMA Triple has a textile and synthetic upper. This means the shoes are made of strong yet lightweight materials. The cool logo stripe on the sides and heel cap also add a touch of style.

Next, these shoes have a lace-up design. This helps make sure the shoes fit snugly on your feet. A snug fit is essential when running and jumping on the court.

Inside the shoes, there’s a soft textile lining. This helps keep your feet comfy while you play. Plus, there’s a cushioned footbed for added support. This means your feet will feel great, even during a long game!

The PUMA Triple also has a synthetic outsole. This gives the shoes a good grip, so you won’t slip while playing. Better grip means better performance on the court!

The PUMA Triple basketball shoes could be the best choice for players with wide feet. With their strong materials, snug fit, and comfy design, these shoes are made to help you play your best game. So, if you have wide feet and want to rule the court, try the PUMA Triple!


  • Soft textile lining and cushioned footbeds provide comfort during play.
  • Lace-up construction ensures a secure fit for wide feet.
  • Textile and synthetic upper make the shoes light and easy to move in.
  • The synthetic outsole offers better traction on the court.
  • The logo stripe on the sides and heel cap adds style.


  • Limited size options.

4- Reebok Work EH Basketball Shoes ( Best basketball shoe for wide feet )

best basketball shoes for wide feet 04

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet? Look at the Reebok EH basketball shoes here to make your search easy. These shoes are perfect for wide feet and have fantastic features that make your workday more comfortable and stylish.

Reebok shoes have a great design inspired by classic basketball shoes. They come in high-top and low-cut styles, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The blend of leather and mesh in the shoe’s upper part makes it comfy and helps your feet breathe.

These shoes have a special MemoryTech Memory Foam Cushion Footbed. This means they are super soft and comfy. Your feet will feel great all day long!

Another great thing about Reebok Work EH shoes is their strong, Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole. It makes sure your shoes don’t slip in wet or oily places. This is very important for your safety at work.

The XTR brand composite toe in these shoes is also fantastic. It protects your toes from heavy things that might fall on them. It meets or even goes beyond the ASTM F2413 safety standards. Reebok Work EH shoes also have a 360-degree sidewall stitch.

This means they are made to last a long time, even if you wear them daily. The Reebok Work EH shoe is the best choice for people with wide feet who need stylish and comfy shoes for work. Try them out and see the difference they make for your feet!


  • It is perfect for wide feet.
  • It is a classic basketball-inspired design.
  • They are leather and mesh upper for comfort and breathability.
  • MemoryTech Memory Foam Cushion Footbed for extra comfort.
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole for safety.
  • XTR brand composite toe for impact and compression protection.
  • 360-degree sidewall stitch for durability.


  • Limited color options are available.

5- Anodyne No 74 Double Depth Sports Jogger

best basketball shoes for wide feet 05

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet? Check out the fantastic Anodyne No 74 Double Depth Sports Jogger! These shoes are perfect for active people who want top-notch comfort and support. 

The Anodyne No 74 is a lightweight sneaker with a closed, rounded toe to keep your feet safe. It also has a padded collar and tongue, a rigid heel counter, and a strong shank. These features help make the shoes extra comfy and supportive.

These sneakers are easy to put on, thanks to their slip-on design. They have two hook-and-loop straps that help you get the perfect fit. Plus, the stretchy upper and soft lining is gentle on your feet.

The Anodyne No 74 also has a removable foam footbed for added comfort. The lightweight EVA sole is textured for better traction on the court. These shoes may also relieve diabetes, neuropathy, bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, swelling, pain, and spurs. 

So, are the Anodyne No 74 Double Depth Sports Joggers the best basketball shoes for wide feet? They could be! Try them out and see how they feel on your feet. Remember, the perfect shoes for you are the ones that make your feet happy and comfortable.


  • Great for people with wide feet
  • Padded collar and tongue, removable foam footbed.
  • Rigid heel counter, strong shank.
  • Slip-on design, dual hook-and-loop straps.
  • Soft and gentle on feet.
  • Textured, lightweight EVA sole.
  • Suitable for various foot conditions.


  • It may be more expensive than some other options.

6- Propet One LT Shoes For Basketball ( Basketball shoe wide feet )

best basketball shoes for wide feet 06

Do you love playing basketball and have wide feet? The Propet One LT shoe is a great choice! This sporty shoe is perfect for both the gym and walking around town. It is lightweight and easy to wear. Let’s learn more about why it’s so amazing!

The Propet One LT shoe has a unique mesh upper. This means it’s made from a light and airy fabric. It helps your feet breathe and stay comfy. Plus, the shoe’s design is seamless, so it looks fantastic!

This basketball shoe also has a soft collar and tongue. These give your feet extra cushion and support. You won’t feel pain when you play or walk in these shoes.

Inside the shoe, there are double insoles and special OrthoLite foam. They ensure your feet stay comfy and safe during high-impact sports like basketball. This foam is thin but super cushiony, so you will feel like you are walking on clouds!

The shoe’s midsole is light EVA material, with rubber inserts for grip. This means the shoe won’t weigh you down, and you’ll have excellent traction on the court.

And don’t worry about your shoes wearing out. The Propet One LT has a durable rubber outsole that lasts long. So, you can play basketball and walk around town without any worries!

If you have wide feet and love basketball, the Propet One LT shoe is a fantastic choice. It is comfy, light, and perfect for high-impact sports. Give them a try and see how great they feel!


  • Easy to wear and won’t weigh you down.
  • It keeps your feet cool and comfortable.
  • It looks stylish and prevents irritation.
  • It offers extra cushion and support.
  • It provides excellent cushioning for high-impact sports.
  • Improves traction on the court.
  • Long-lasting wear for various activities.


  • Limited size availability.

7- Asics Gel Renma Shoes

best basketball shoes for wide feet 07

Looking for the perfect basketball shoes for wide feet? Look at the ASICS GEL-Renma Shoes! These shoes are comfortable and functional, making them ideal for sports enthusiasts. 

Explicitly designed for players, the GEL-RENMA shoe is perfect for those looking to take their game to the next level. It provides excellent stability and flexibility during multi-directional movements. 

These shoes are made with leather and synthetic materials and have a durable and long-lasting design. The textile lining and padded insoles ensure maximum comfort, even during long games. 

The forefoot GEL technology helps reduce the impact of abrupt landings, protecting your feet from injury. Meanwhile, the TRUSSTIC technology offers support and reduces excessive twisting, helping to prevent ankle sprains. 

These shoes are stylish, featuring a contrasting upper and branding on the tongue and insole. This lace-up closure ensures a secure and comfortable fit. At the same time, the synthetic outsole with flex grooves provides excellent traction on the court. 

Imported and available in a wide range of sizes, the ASICS GEL-Renma Shoes are a top choice for basketball players with wide feet. Try them today and take your game to the next level!


  • It provides excellent stability and flexibility during multi-directional movements.
  • Forefoot GEL technology reduces the impact of abrupt landings.
  • TRUSSTIC technology offers support and reduces excessive twisting.
  • Stylish design with contrasting upper and branding on the tongue and insole.
  • It provides excellent traction on the court.


  • The leather and synthetic upper may not be as breathable as other materials.

Men’s Basketball Shoes vs. Women’s Basketball Shoes

There are critical differences between men’s and women’s basketball shoes. Men’s shoes tend to be bulkier and heavier than women’s.

 This is because, on average, men are taller and have larger feet than women. As a result, men’s shoes need to provide more support and stability.

Another key difference is the way the shoes are designed to fit. Men’s shoes are typically designed with a wider toe box, while women’s shoes have a narrower toe box. 

This is because women tend to have narrower feet than men. As a result, women’s shoes need to be more snug-fitting to prevent sliding around inside the shoe.

Finally, there is a difference in price between men’s and women’s basketball shoes. Men’s shoes tend to be more expensive than women’s shoes. 

This is because there is a greater demand for men’s basketball shoes due to the sport’s popularity among males. Additionally, manufacturing costs for men’s shoes are typically higher than for women’s shoes due to the larger size and bulk of men’s shoes.

Orthotic Insoles for Wide Feet

Orthotic insoles help create a more natural foot shape and improve stability and comfort. If you have wide feet, orthotic insoles may be a good option. Orthotic insoles come in various types. So, choosing the best fit for your needs is essential. Some of the most common orthotic insoles include standard insoles, arch support shoes, and plantar supports.

What to consider when buying basketball shoes for wide feet?

When shopping for basketball shoes, it is essential to consider the width of your feet. Some shoes are designed to fit wider feet, while others may not. Here are a few tips to help make the decision easier.

1- Width

The size of the shoe should be considered first. A wider foot will need a wider shoe than a narrow one if the shoe’s width is too small. 

The balls of your feet may rub over the sides of the shoe. Also, if the shoe is too narrow, the toes will not have enough room to extend. An appropriate size would be between 9-11.

2- Thickness

You want to stay in your sneakers after a long game. Another consideration on the thickness of the shoe is whether or not your feet sweat while playing. A thick rubber sole provides good traction and helps keep your feet dry.

3- Heel Height

Your heel height should be about halfway up the shoe. Too high, and your heels will get sore. Too low, and your ankles will feel unstable.

4- Lacing System

To ensure your laces stay tight, lace them up thrice before removing them. To prevent blisters, tie two knots instead of just one.

5- Comfort

Make sure the fit of the shoe is comfortable. Make sure the lining is soft, and avoid wearing cotton socks.

6- Sock Size

If you wear socks or stockings under your athletic footwear, look for a pair that fits well and won’t bunch up around the top of your shoe.

7- Construction

Look for a durable shoe that feels sturdy and holds its shape. Avoid cheap plastic materials or ones that are not breathable.

8- Durability

How durable is the shoe? Is it going to last longer than others? How comfortable is it going to feel after wearing it? What materials do they use? Check the stitching and quality of the shoelaces. A nice leather upper might seem like it would last forever, but it could wear out faster than something else. 

9- Stability

Stability is one of the primary roles of a basketball shoe. They should give you enough balance and support but not hinder your movement. Make sure the shoe is narrow enough and provides the necessary traction. 

10- Protection

Basketball shoes protect your feet from injury. There’s nothing worse than having a sprained ankle or broken toe because of poor footwear. So always choose wisely.

11- Support System

The support system of a shoe refers to how well the shoe supports your feet. You want to ensure that their design makes sense and works for you. 

Different people have different foot shapes, so choosing the right shoe may take trial and error. Also, look at what kind of motion your feet need to accomplish. Do they require arch support? If so, look for a shoe with good arch support. 

Another thing to consider is if you tend towards pronation or supination. Pronators roll their ankles inward, and supinators are prone to moving them outward. Look for a shoe with stability if you’re a pronator or flexibility if you’re more of a supinator.

Maintenance and Care

how to clean your basketball shoes

Taking proper care of your basketball shoes ensures their longevity and optimal performance. By following these maintenance and care tips. You can keep your wide-footed basketball shoes in excellent condition:

1- Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a fundamental aspect of shoe maintenance. It keeps your shoes looking good and prevents the build-up of dirt and odor. Here’s how to clean your basketball shoes:

1- Wipe-Off Dirt: After each game or practice, use a soft, damp cloth or a sneaker cleaning brush to wipe off any dirt or dust from the surface of your shoes. This prevents dirt from becoming ingrained in the material.

2- Spot Cleaning: Use a mild solution of warm water and a few drops of dish soap for tougher stains or scuffs. Apply the solution with a soft brush or cloth, then gently scrub the affected areas. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and let the shoes dry completely.

3- Insoles and Laces: Remove the insoles and laces regularly for cleaning. You can hand wash the laces and wipe down the insoles with a damp cloth. Let them air dry thoroughly before reinserting them into your shoes.

4- Air Dry: Allow your shoes to air dry naturally at room temperature after cleaning. Avoid direct heat sources like radiators or hairdryers, as excessive heat can damage the shoe’s materials.

2- Storage

Proper storage is vital to prevent damage and maintain the shape and structure of your basketball shoes:

1- Shoe Trees: Consider using shoe trees or shoe inserts when your shoes are unused. These help maintain the shape of your shoes, especially if they are made of leather.

2- Ventilation: Allow your shoes to breathe by removing them from your gym bag after use. Storing them in a well-ventilated area helps prevent odor and moisture build-up.

3- Shoe Bags or Boxes: Store your basketball shoes in their original shoe boxes or breathable shoe bags when not in use. This protects them from dust and light exposure.

3- Regular Maintenance

Perform regular checks and maintenance to address wear and tear promptly:

1- Inspect Soles: Check the outsoles for signs of wear, such as worn-down tread or damage. If the traction is compromised, consider resoling or replacing the shoes.

2- Lace Replacement: Shoelaces can become frayed or lose their elasticity over time. Replace laces when they show signs of wear to ensure a secure fit.

3- Insole Replacement: If the insoles have lost their cushioning or shape, consider replacing them with suitable replacements to maintain comfort.

4- Reinforce Stitching: Examine the stitching around the shoe’s upper for any loose or damaged threads. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.

5- Odor Control: To keep your shoes smelling fresh, use odor-fighting products like shoe deodorizers, cedar shoe inserts, or baking soda placed inside the shoes when not used.

By following these maintenance and care guidelines, you can ensure that your basketball shoes for wide feet remain comfortable, supportive, and in top condition for a prolonged period. Proper maintenance enhances the lifespan of your shoes and contributes to a better overall playing experience on the basketball court.

Final Thought

There are many different basketball shoes, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. Some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet that we have tested are those made by Nike, Adidas, and other top-name brands. 

These shoes are designed to fit and limit irritation on large feet comfortably. If you have wide feet or need a better fit with any other type of shoe. A footwear guide best basketball shoe for wide feet can help you find the perfect pair.

What shape of the shoe is best for wide feet?

Shoes with a wide or extra-wide width, typically denoted as “W” or “XW,” are best for wide feet. Look for styles with ample toe box space and avoid narrow or pointed designs.

Where can I buy basketball shoes for wide feet?

You can find them at major sportswear retailers, both online and in physical stores. Additionally, buying directly from the brand’s official website can ensure a wider range of size options.

Can I find performance-oriented basketball shoes in wide sizes?

Many brands offer wide versions of their high-performance basketball shoes, ensuring that players with wider feet can still enjoy top-tier performance.

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